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GreenForces combines unparalleled experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Companies like Calumet Electronics, Creative Composites and L’Anse Manufacturing have an ongoing commitment to invest in the latest technology, enabling extremely close tolerances. GreenForces manufacture products in climate-controlled, quality inspected facilities managed by highly trained staff who ensure the accuracy of each component.


Circuit Boards for a Lifetime – Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer – Calumet Electronics from Defined Visuals on Vimeo.

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Circuit Boards

  • Rigid, Blind Vias, 0.25-3oz foil & 1-2oz plating Copper Weight, 10:1 Hole Aspect Ratio, .015” pitch SMT Spacing, 63/37 HASL (horizontal) Lead Solder Finish, SN100C HASL (vertical) Lead-Free Solder Finish, per IPC-4552 Immersion Gold Finish, per IPC-4553 (thick) Immersion Silver Finish, Carbon Ink, Gold Fingers, Controlled Impedance,  21” x 24” Largest Panel Size, Alodine Chemical Conversion Coating

Custom Machining Solutions

  • Machining experience with a wide variety of materials: Investment casting services
    Complete fixturing and machining of complex cast geometries

    • aluminum, titanium, polymer based , steels, copper, bronze, stainles steels
    • Low-volume/high-mix from prototype to production
    • CNC Machining and turning (3-, 4- or 5-axis)  fixturing, stamping/forming, straightening, gate removal, light assembly, blanchard grinding, polishing
  • Extensive background processing casting products from gate removal and straightening to complete machining
  • Primary and secondary processing — strategic vendor relationshipsInspection capabilities to customer requirements
    • NDT, coatings, military-specification paint, electro-polishing
    • Laser etching, nickel plating, vacuum heat treating
  • Welding – aluminum, steel, and stainless steel

Composite Fabrication

    • RTM, VARTM, hand layup, Prepreg and compression molding for a variety of composite materials
      • Kevlar
      • Fiberglass
      • Phenolic and other Resins
      • Ceramics and MMCs
    • Extensive painting and coating capabilities to various MIL-STD and AMS, ASME, and other standards