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Software and Firmware


GreenForces member ThermoAnalytics, Inc. provides both custom software solutions as well as their own thermal management software Radtherm (R). Their proven capability has allowed them to provide thermal modeling and simulation for:

  • Electronics Enclosure, Chassis, and Heat Sink Design
  • Aerospace Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Fuselage Thermal Insulation
  • Brakes and Clutches
  • Batteries – cell and back, transient drive, hot soaks
  • Emissions – exhaust, under-hood, catalyst, muffler, turbochargers
  • Conduction and Convection Cooling Systems


FPGAs, CPLDs, and other complex logic device solutions are available from GreenForces.  With multiple tool sets and capabilities, we have provided DAL A DO-254 designs for avionics as well as logic designs for automated test equipment, control systems, and data acquisition.  

  • Xilinx, Altara, and other FPGA platforms
  • Modelsim tool sets for validation and verification
  • DO-254 DAL A-E verification and validation
  • Multiple Bus and Communication Protocols