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GreenForces provides full test support from identification and planning through execution, data analysis, and reporting.  Testing specializes in both research and development and standard environmental compliance testing.  








Vehicle & Flight

  • Purpose built militarized and customizable over 500-acre ground test facility with 7,100 sq ft supported by shop space
  • 6,501 ft and 5,196 ft runways with 150 ft width (designator CMX)
  • 20-ton stability table
  • Data acquisition systems with 32-, 48- and 64-channel capabilities with up to 100 kHz sampling rate
  • Various industry standard sensors packages including customizable sensors design
  • Various dynamometers

Metallurgical & Failure Analysis

  • Mechanical testing, metallography, microstructural analysis, corrosion testing, elemental characterization
  • Composite material testing

Wireless Engine Telemetry 

  • Piston crankshaft, connecting rod, and wrist pin wireless measurement
  • Bearings wireless measurement
  • Torque converter wireless measurement
  • Phase-torque measurements
  • Rotating shaft telemetry
  • Strain, pressure, temperature, flow, current, and other transducers
  • Electro-magnetic crack detection systems
  • Multiple Wireless telemetry methods
    • Infrared
    • Microwave
    • Inductively coupled
  • Rotary kiln wireless systems